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Since 2021, the Hotel Beau Séjour has been certified green key and is committed to respecting and promoting the following principles:
1. Implement a continuous improvement program to assess and limit the environmental and social impacts of our activities.
2. Assess, control and limit water and electricity consumption as much as possible.
3. For our purchases:
Strengthen the use of environmentally friendly «ecolabelled» products throughout their life cycle: design, production, distribution, use and recovery at the end of life of the used product.
Favour and promote local products
Choose products with high energy efficiency and material with low energy consumption
Limit and control the consumption of dangerous chlorine-based products.

4. To limit the amount of waste:
Buy in bulk to limit packaging and transport
Sorting waste and recycling glass, plastics and aluminium
5. Training and awareness:
 Ensure that staff are properly informed and trained in eco-gestures. Rely on ambassadors in each department to initiate a team spirit on the theme of environmental protection.
Inform customers about the environmental actions in our hotel and how to contribute to energy savings.
6. Collaborate and engage with all stakeholders to improve and ensure sustainability.
7. The Green Key label does not imply higher rates! It covers all categories and types of restaurants and accommodation:
8. Camping or nature lodge, ecological hotel, youth hostel or responsible bed and breakfast, tourist residence or sustainable holiday village.

Accueil Vélo is a national brand that guarantees a welcome and quality services along the cycling routes for cyclists roaming.

Delivered by the State, the Qualité Tourisme brand is a guarantee of high quality in terms of reception and stay service. The Hotel Beau Séjour is committed to the QUALITY TOURISM approach and we make every effort to satisfy you.
we have a staff attentive to your energy and comfort: we want you to make the most of your stay
we discover a local destination
we provide a personalized service
our customer service is among the best (satisfaction questionnaire, e-reputation analysis, complaint handling..)
This guarantee of quality is provided following an audit by a mystery shopper. This client goes through the establishment with a fine comb and submits it to a number of tests ranging from 250 to 600. Finally, the audit is validated only if 85% of the tests are confirmed.