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Any reservation is considered final by the payment of a deposit:

– either by mail accompanied by a cheque for the value of one night for stays of 2 nights or less, and 50% of the total value of the stay for a stay of more than 2 nights;
– Either by email, by communicating a bank card number with expiry date, cryptogram and name of the holder accompanied by a direct debit authorization (Visa, Mastercard)

In case of cancellation, the deposit is returned EXCEPT THE APPLICATION FEE OF 30 EURO, if the customer informs the establishment at least 2 weeks in advance (except in July-August when the deadline is increased to 3 weeks). In case of shortened stay without notice, the deposit is considered due.

Payments by check are only accepted for the payment of a deposit.

All our Prices are indicative, subject to change without notice to be confirmed at the time of booking.


– Arrival time is from 16H. In case of written reservation with payment of deposit the room is kept in case of late arrival or night
– In the case of an oral or written reservation without payment of a deposit, the room is reserved only until 6 pm, unless express agreement of the reception, notified of a delay on the day of arrival.
– Rooms must be vacated by 11am.
– Any errors or omissions in the price list shall not be the responsibility of the establishment